Missing component

I am really a beginner if it’s about components on a electrical board. I have a question can somebody tel me what this component is?
I bought a couple of joycons. I noticed that this component ist damaged by at least 4 of them. I tested it with this component from another joycon and it worked. But now i need to know the name so i can order a couple of them.

He he it worked

Its a 24Mhz crystal oscillator.

Wowww thanks you are the best. This component is verry cheap also. Thank you very much.

No problem :slight_smile: For what it’s worth, the other one (next to the connectors) is a 27.1Mhz oscillator.

So those components are all the same ones? 2 pieces on one joycon? And is it an 3225 size one?

There are two oscillators, but they are different frequencies. I think the size is 2016.