Missing components near hdmi port

Hi, I’m working on a ps4 that originally was used for parts and it misses 3 of 5 pins smd near the hdmi port. I don’t know what components they are and I can’t find out their value/how to search them online. I have a bunch of pc motherboards and in some of them there are similar components of the same size, maybe a few of these are compatible? Thanks.

Anyone who knows them?

Those parts starting from left to right are labeled: 9F0DA, R25DF, R12D3. I haven’t had any luck finding replacements but from their placement in the circuit and connected components, I would say they are probably LDO regulators. 12V to 5V and probably around 200mA from what I can tell.

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Well, I have found a replacement part but I am not able to post a link to it.

Oh thank you, even if i don’t need it anymore, try upload some pictures of the replacement for others :slight_smile:

I can’t get the numbers to show legibly in a photo. I have to turn and twist the board in the light to get it at several angles to be able to read it at all. Pics I take of it just show black components.

As for the replacement part, I think I am too new to post links.