Missing resistor, and I cannot find it in the market

I realized that a resistor is missing while I repair my switch.
the resistor is located right above the SD connector and has a 9.8K value, 0201 sized.
Sorry that I’m not able to upload an Image nor a link due to being new here.
My problem is the resistor cannot be found in the market (Mouser, TE, etc)
The only ones I can find are 10K resistors or different-sized 9.8K resistors.
Can I use a 10K resistor instead of 9.8K? or should I use the same valued resistor in 2010 size?

Thank you in advance.

I think it probably is a 10K resistor, that’s within the tolerance of most resistors you will be buying. I would go with the 10k at the right size.

Thank you for letting me know.
I’m gonna try 10K.