NES Power Light/Screen Flashing

I’ve hooked up the NES and plugged in a working game, and the light flashes red, and the screen also flashes along with the light.

I have ordered a new 72 pin connector and have replaced it, as this was the information I found online with this error. I am still getting the same error with this new 72 pin connector.

The only thing I really saw that stuck out to me was one chip that was soldered with 3 pins, and screwed into a metal bracket next to the power area. This chip had some corrosion around it (white, flakey stuff). I desoldered it, cleaned it up, and resoldered it. I do not know if this chip is bad or if it could cause this error as well (I am still very new).

Description of the chip as I cannot embed links or images:
Black square with a metal bracket on top with a screw hole, on bottom 3 metal pins that are to be soldered to the power board.
On the chip, the top right says “0G3”, under the 3 is an “S”, at the bottom it says “HA” and under this are the numbers 17805.

I saw no capacitors that were busted or any other signs of damage. There seemed to be no water damage in the system either.

Is there something else I can check for this error?