New issue... Charge only in one side and standby mode!


This Switch will eventually drive me crazy …
New failure: It only switches to standby mode and refuses to take charge once it is on.
In one direction of the cable I have 1.50A and in the other, 0.30 …
If I plug it in on, nothing happens until it goes into standby and there the charge is automatically triggered.
So I changed the charging connector, the P13USB, the M92 as well as the BQ which normally manages the battery charge without more success.
What do you think?

Thank you in advance and best wishes to all of you :slight_smile:

Hmm, I would still suspect the usb connection end of things. It doesn’t have to be the port itself, it could be a damaged via, a dead protection diode etc. Have you checked diode measurenents from a breakout board against a known good one?

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I don’t have a good board for check diodes.
I was wondering if it was not the MAX that was broken but I have a doubt. The M92 seems functional to me since the console does not display an error. It all gets complicated: /
Thank you very much.

Here is a link from a video that show my problem :


Anybody have an idea please? I try to fix it by myself but i don’t find any solution. I change the connector again without more success.

Thank you by advance.

Sorry, this isn’t one I have too many thoughts on. It sounds like you have an issue with one of the ways round as well as the weird standby issue? You could try changing M92 again, as it is involved in switching sides of the USB.
But I would still say you need to check continuity from a breakout board to make sure each line is getting to where you expect. And then take diode mode readings, if you dont have another board to compare I can compare against one of mine.


I’ll try to change the M92 today one more time but i have a big doubt about that.
I’ll come back after and give the result here. This unit drive me crazy… Thank you


I have just changed the M92T36 again, but no more results.
Charging is done perfectly in both directions but does not start until “standby”.
I don’t know where to turn.
Can a specialist guide me please?
Thank you :slight_smile: