Nintendo Ds not turning on

So while on holiday i had charged my ds up to full played a little and turned it off, coming the next day it wouldnt turn on so i decided to charge, light comes on and everything is normal except it still wont turn on even after hours of charge. Later in the night it started making screeching noises which is obviously not good. Is there anyway to actually repair this or not?

Hi, if is Nintendo DS Lite, most of them have a fuse next to the power switch, you can start by checking corrosion around that area or a broken fuse. Also if the wifi module disconnects from the socket and that could happen very easy or if it is damage that could be a symptom for not powering on.

Below is an image but you have to downloaded to see it, I’m not allow to add images to posts.


Hi thanks for the reply unfortunately its just a ds, with the power switch being a button next to the bottom screen.