Nintendo no power

Hi, first time posting on here. I recently bought a faulty Nintendo switch off Ebay as no power. When I plug it into my amp meter I get a reader of 0.46amps but after being left on charge for a few minutes it drops to 0.04amps. Just wondering if anyone knows what the problem could be?

Does it have any shorted capacitors around M92T36?

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Hi, yeah 3 capacitors are shorted around that chip.

OK, so the next thing would be to remove M92T36 and see which chips are still sorted. If there are still shorts then remove P13USB and see if there are still shorts. I’m guessing that both of those chips are faulty but could be the CPU as well. Removing those two chips and checking for shorts will normally rule out the CPU (if the shorts are gone with those chips removed).

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Ok, thanks for your help.

Have removed both of them chips you mentioned and the shorts have gone around them but now most of the capacitors around the cpu are shorted. Do you think its worth trying to replace(if possible) or reball the cpu?

Don’t worry about the ones around the CPU…some of them seem shorted even though they’re not. It has to do with the way they are used in the circuit. I’d start by replacing the P13 chip, then recheck for shorts

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Ok thanks for your help

No problem. Be sure to post back here when you try that. We like to keep these threads updated to help others in the future.

Will do. Just need to order the parts, which could take weeks with aliexpress but will definitely update.

Just a quick update on the Nintendo switch. I replaced the mt92t36 and the p13usb, but it’s still not coming on and now the its reading 0 amps on the amp meter. Where before it was reading 0.46 and then dropping to 0.4amps. Have made sure have attached the ic chips on correctly. And don’t know what else to check for if am honest. Don’t know if its faulty ic chips or human error.

I’m assuming you’ve checked all the caps around the chips for shorts?

Yeah, there all fine