Nintendo Switch 0amp

Working on a nintendo switch that’s drawing 0 amps with motherboard connected to nintendo switch charging brick, measuring amps with USB amp meter. Received this switch and never got it power on. I had replaced the USB c connector because pins were mangled. I also replaced P13 chip as there seems to be some sort of damage on pin connecting to SBU2. Upon removing the pad also went as a result of the prior damage. I ran a jumper from the pin to the choke. I also had to replace filter on other side of board for d+ and d- near chip 7c.

However I can’t get the motherboard to power on, amp meter is reading 15v 0amps. I did diode readings on the P13 chip and the blue circles are showing zero readings (ignore my circle for TX+, I actually got a diode reading of close to 440). Is this an issue with my work on the USB c connector and / or the P13 chip or is this something else altogether? There are no shorts on caps near M92 or BQ chip.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.