Nintendo Switch Battery Draining Faster

Hi Dear Friends,

I have a problem with my Nintendo Switch (in fact my customer’s). My Switch’s battery draining very faster. Can you advise any solution for it, if you can say me the way of it, I’ll be very happy. By the way I tried with known good battery and occur the same problem. Thank you in advance.

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Check for shorts , try touching the board and check where the heat builds up.

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First of all thank you to your reply. I changed the chargin IC chip. But the charging IC chip is from another faulty board. I desoldered from another faulty Switch main board and resoldered to the regular board. Can be a problem resoldered IC chip ? Normally I have brand new IC chip but want to evaluate instead of throwing away.

Thanks a lot.

Edit: By the way this Switch had a fluid contact. There was a tarnish around charging IC, was not turning on the console. After changing the charge IC started to turn on but at this time finish battery faster.

Hey there,
After liquid contact it is essential to thoroughly clean the whole device, including the PCB. Did you clean the board? Because this usually removes most of the shorts, if corrosion isn’t gone too far. Take special care around connectors and larger ICs. Usually cleaning with IPA is sufficient, for tougher spots I tend to use acetone.

Thank you kage-chan,

When I check with my eyes there is no any corrosion on the board, it looks like new but didn’t clean all the board. I’ll try it also. Only was looking terrible charge ic and around components. I think the customer gave voltage after liquid contact then happened a little explosion because there was a tarnish around charger ic and closed components. When I checked with multimeter no any shorts! By the way the small square sticker had turned to pink but not looking wet all the board.

Thank you so much again your advice and remind to clean all the board.