Nintendo Switch black screen when docked

Hi, very good afternoon everybody. This is my first post ever. Actually I just signed in but I know here is where I’m more likely to solve my problem.

The problem is simple to explain: When I play portably I have no problem, but when I dock it the signal is not received by the TV (Sometimes it does but in 4:3, which is weird).

The first thought to come to mind is to think that the problem is the dock but it isn’t. I have another switch and every time I dock it, it sends the signal to the TV normally.

I’ve searched online and they always think the problem is the dock, and it’s not, however, they also present the explanation of correctly connect the wires. When I do that, sometimes it works.

I took my switch to a technician and they soldered the usb c port because supposedly a couple of pins were off but soldering didn’t fix the problem. I think that I can fix it changing the motherboard, the problem is that I don’t know where to get one and who could do that job in case I need professional help.

thank you so much for your time.


at side A of the Mainboard is a ic with the label PI3USB.
I would check

  • the diode mode values (If there is on value missing maybe a reflow of the ic might help)
  • the contuinity between ic and the components below
  • the continuity through the five filters


Hi I see that you have beautiful illustration, if it does not bother you you will have all your illustrations in pdf format to share.
thank you so much