Nintendo Switch BSOD


I have bought a blue screened switch to repair: no matter what i do to the console, it’s always blue screening. Even just plugging the charger in will immediately display a blue screen.

I didn’t really know what I was getting myself into as after checking all the capacitors around the M92T36 chip as well as P13USB, nothing unusual was shorted to ground, or at least that I could tell. Any advice on what else to check? I’ve read around here that I may have to reball or reflow the SoC. Is there any testing I can do to make sure? I haven’t checked how many amps it draws, but by testing with a multimeter I saw it pulls 15V from the charger. Can I check for current the same way I checked volts? Or should I get an USB tester?

I am a total noob when it comes to repairs (or soldering), so I also wanted to ask: what is a reflow exactly? Can I manage either a reflow or a reball with hot air only? I’m on a low budget. Thanks a lot.

(I know that I need a stencil for a reball as well as some preform solder balls, or am I wrong?)

BSOD - Nand corrupt or bad eMMC, bad soldering memory ram, bad soldering SoC Nvidia Tegra, logic board bent.