Nintendo Switch charging extremely slowly after WIFI IC replacement

So I had a Switch come in earlier under warranty after we already replaced the WIFI IC (it had the issue where it would shut down after the switch logo). He brought it back saying it wouldn’t charge so we let it sit in the charger for an entire night. The next morning, it was fully charged. When plugged in through a USB tester (5v 0.5 amp), it didn’t show that any significant amperage was being pulled. I went through all the voltage checks and they all seem to be fine. We’ve already replaced BQ and M9 and the console operates perfectly normal. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hmm, no not really…

I guess it could be something wrong with the fuel gauge? Can it be booted into Hetake or is a patched unit?

I’m pretty sure it is patched. Its serial number starts with XAW10088

Your two digits short of being able to check but afaict you unit is in the possibly patched realm, so might be worth trying and seeing.

One way of checking the fuel gauge in some cases is to partially trickle charge the battery, say 3/4 full, monitoring the percenatge within HOS then noting it, after, turn the system off and leave for a few seconds then power up the console again and checking the battery percentage within HOS, if the percentage is not within 1% of the previously noted reading then the fuel gauge is likely bad… as I say though this is not a guaranteed way of checking it’s health but is a good indicator in most cases.