Nintendo switch dock charging but no hdmi

I have a dock that fried a switch through the port I ordered a new port for the dock as it looked like the pins were crossed they were at least burnt anyway the doc upon putting in the new port will charge but wont connect to hdmi no sound no signal nothing. When docks get overloaded is there a common chip that fails?

Sounds like a defective bq24193 - most likely if the Switch is working but only HDMI signal does not work.

bq handles charging, p13usb handles hdmi output.

The switch works fine with other docks I’ll say it again THIS IS A DOCK FAULT IS THERE A COMMON DOCK CHIP ANYONE KNOWS OF. THE DOCK THE DOCK PEOPLE once more THE SWITCH IS FINE the dock.

You can check M92T17 - this is a common IC for the dock which could fail.