Nintendo Switch - flying Resistors!

Hi guys, I recently started my first Nintendo Switch repair.

I identified I had a faulty video chip (from the usual two capacitors shorting out) and went to replace it. However, when replacing the chip I knocked two resistors out of place (the top two circled in the image ). I tried getting them in place and heating the board back up to temperature but they don’t seem to stick! I haven’t been using any new solder, just solely been using the hot air gun on my rework station, do you think I should clear the tiny pads and try and get some solder on them, any recommendations on how to get them on the board??

I hoped they were just current smoother and the switch would work without them but it seems it doesn’t, however, I’m pretty sure the video chip is correctly replaced as the are currently no shorts on the board.

Any help/tips would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

Sorry it’s not letting me attach an image, but its the top two resistors of the set of four in the bottom left hand corner of the video chip