Nintendo Switch HAD-CPU-01 ---- shortcut around MAX77812 IC

Hello, M92 had short so now is desoldered, USBC connector is out too and BQ too.
Last problem I found around MAX77812, so IC off, CAP off, but there are still shorts in the red rings.
Any idea where should I be finding ?

ps.USB IC off too


pss.sorry for link like this, but forum doesn´t let me post link, photo etc directly, only warning “Sorry…”

left pad on each red circle goes to cpu directly. How much resistance did you measure on the left pad?

I measured 17 ohms.
You noticed they go right to the CPU so I find that all of these on new photo are shorted


17 ohms would be about right if this is a Mariko rev so not your issue :+1:

If so, will let the board for parts :slight_smile: