Nintendo switch lite water damaged

Hi, just wondering has any on here every got a Nintendo switch lite with water damage that when probing the motherboard shows up no shorts but no power and drawing 0.39 amps. Have even cleaned the whole board with isopropyl alcohol, but still no luck.would really appreciate any help.


0.4A braindead is common across all switch variants not just lites and can be caused for a multitude of reasons.

IC’s and components don’t always fail short, further tests will likely be required.

Did you take photos of the board prior to cleaning?.. Cleaning a liquid damaged board is akin to taking a pressure washer to a crime scene…makes catching the killer that much harder :wink:

tbh i’d just swap out the BQ and M9 IC’s first as it’s quick to do and takes less time than actually measuring/testing them.

If still nothing, report back and i’ll let you know what to test next.

Thanks for your help, really appreciate it. Will they changing those to ic’s you mentioned and report back, thanks