Nintendo Switch Missing SMD component near SD-Card Molex

Hello from Germany,

I got issues with my SD-Card. So I tried to replace the SD-Card Reader and destroyed the Molex-Connector for the SD-Card Reader.

I removed the Molex Connector and accidentally lost this small buddy 624 in the picture, the smallest one
I can’t post a picture or a link because I am fresh

I want to connect the SD-Card reader directly to the testpads without the Molex, there are schematics available online.

Do I need the capacitor or diode whatever it is, or can I just wire everything up and it will work?


I found a way to post it :grinning:

I don’t reccommend you do this, running wires off the SD flex PCB to the Switch MB you will effectively “remove” the surrounding ground/shielding and in doing so you’ll likely find it either won’t work, is intermittent, or it will increase read/write errors which will only burn you later down the line… just buy the connector online and install it properly. You have two options, these connectors will actually tolerate hot air from above if your slow and keep the heat down, approx 320C and I wouldn’t go much higher than that, or possibly easier for you, is to heat from the opposing side of the board.

The component your missing is a bypass cap, no idea what the value is off the top of my head, hopefully someone else can chime in