NINTENDO SWITCH, no power, 0.00 amps

Hi there! it’s me again with another card! This one came some months ago but i left it on my desk for so long that now i want to trying and fixing it again.

Already checked for shorts on BQ, M92T36 and USB IC on the back of the motherboard. When i replaced the og M92T36 a pad came off, no problem, i had the jumper wires ready and UV mask ready so i fixed that pretty easily, but still can’t figure out what the problem is.
If any info needs to be given i will give it asap. I’m open for any suggestions!

I had the same Problem.
Since it doesn’t draw any Power, Most likely the fuse is burned and need to be replaced or jumped.
Its very small right obove the usb Port, you can Check it if you hold your probes on both ends, if you dont have continuity, it’s damaged.

Sorry I cant Post an Image of it, I Guss Google it will help you.

Please answer, if it was the fuse :slight_smile: