Nintendo switch not turn on just works on hekate , not boot On CFW or OFW

Hi ,
I buy one nintendo switch today ,
Battery is dead l charger and boot to menu , after I turned off but now not turn on anymore idk why.
So l try rcm and go inside hekate work good but when I try launch CFW of OFW boot just back screen and nothing happens I’m can charge battery on menu’s hekate

I already open and not have shots

Send a picture of the emmc info in hekate. Don’t recall the exact name but it’s located in “Console Info”, in hekate.

I find out if I press m92t36 or rams is turn no . l turn off and try again turn on not working again .but l press m92t36 or rams turn no again

After working
it will be m92t36 or rams
Maybe try reflow