Nintendo Switch not turning ON

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First time posting, look forward to contributing to this forum once I gain enough knowledge to actually be helpful!

I’ve come into possession of a Switch which doesn’t turn ON. Plugging it into an amp meter suggests 14.7 volts and 0.04 - 0.05 amps. Although it has been charging at 0.40 previously, but this is inconsistent. I’m making the assumption that if the port was faulty, I wouldn’t see an amp reading, please tell me if this is wrong or what caveats there are to that statement.

I have equipment to check for shorts, from what I’ve read I need to be looking for shorts around M92T36. Is this the correct course of action based on the symptoms presented?

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Update, I’ve identified just one capacitor which seems shorted around the M92T36 chip. Would the best course of action be to replace the chip and see if the short has gone?


A shorted capacitor near the chip is consistent with a bad chip, from everything that has been posted previously.