Nintendo Switch runs except for games

I purchased a faulty nintendo switch of ebay with the hopes of repairing it, it boots up fine and works normally however whenever trying to play a game or launch a game it comes up with “A software error has occured” no matter what game it is, I was wondering if anyone had any idea what would be up with it?

I have also factory reset it multiple times as well as other things


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Usually a faulty game cartridge slot causes that. If you get a replacement off ebay order about 5 and you may get one that actually works! Be warned there’s a lot of faulty ones going about usually with slight tears in the ribbons or the connector is damaged. Inspect them with a microscope first before you install if you can.

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is that only for cartridge games or also games installed in the flash from the e-shop?

Happens on both cartridge and eshop games

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I guess we can rule out a faulty cartridge reader then…
Have you tried factory resetting it from the system settings or through the recovery mode?

yeah done that a couple of times now I have no clue what the problem could be

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Sorry, I think my question was a bit ambiguous. I wanted to ask if you did the factory reset from the system settings or if you did it from the recovery mode.

Have done it through the system settings not through recovery mode yet

Pretty much having the same problem myself, but that seems to be the problem which involves to look inside the system

Same exact problem on my end too