Nintendo switch screen stucks at boot

Hi there,

I bought a Nintendo switch tablet thinking i could fix it, but the thing is that i dont find anything bad on the board. The Nintendo stucks on the Joycon connect screen.

There is no liquid damaged.
I searched for shorcut but everything is ok. Also i tried reflowing the WIFI chip and nothing change.
I booted it with android and it doesn’t have WIFI.

What should I do? Changing the WIFI chip?

Thanks for the advice.

Alan Flores.

Not clear on that but as switch is booting to the Joycon connect screen I’d assume that normal booting is working.
Is the problem that the JoyCons are not recognized ?

Assuming this isn’t an antenna related issue, then most likely it’s the IC itself at fault and a replacement will likely resolve the issue.

Trouble here is the ICs which can be bought from a good distros do not have the correct FW installed on them, and the ICs which are coming from China or other are of unknown condition and it’s anyones guess if they have installed the correct FW… meaning, you’ll likely have to pull the chip off a donor and reball yourself.

That being said, inspect the caps and resistors at the edge of the Wifi/EMMC shield and ensure they’re all intact and in the case of the resistors make sure your getting a reading on them, also check the two caps left center of the SoC and ensure they look good.