Nintendo Switch stuck with Error 2002-4314 on startup

Hi, I have a system I purchased broken that I intended to repair (There was no info on the condition of the system or any potential problems until I received it.) but the issue seems to be that it lands on error 2002-4314 whenever it tries to boot. I have tried to boot it into safe mode with no luck so far. I can’t do any additional testing on it until I receive the replacement battery tomorrow as I used it’s battery for another system at the time. I was unable to find any information online other than Nintendo’s website saying it is an issue with the micro SD card but it seems to usually be an issue when in the OS which I can’t access obviously. Thanks!

After inspecting the board under my scope I have found that the Nintendo Switch Fuel Gauge IC MAX17050 appears to have a corner on the top layer chipped. I do not know if that means it is definitely damaged or if it could even cause the error it is giving me? system charges just fine in case I haven’t mentioned it

Is the switch pathed? Can you launch hekate and check the battery info?

Unfortunately it is patched… It’s a Mariko system

I would be tempted to replace the fuel gauge if it is clearly damaged.

Finally got the replacement and after installing it I have the same issue still…

Fix error? У меня такая же проблема, после смены по.