Nintendo Switch Test Points

I have a Nintendo switch that I am trying to trace the voltages on the board at certain points. I have attached 2 x pictures, the first one shows the test points I believe to be correct and the blue dot is showing only 0v but I’ve been told it should have 5v on it, is this correct or do I have duff info?

If it’s suppose to have 5v on it, I have traced it back to the other side of the board to the second picture and green dots. Which connect to the 8316 8J52 chip, could this be at fault?


The two pictures won’t upload because I’m a newbie, can anyone help?

Or can anyone post a picture of voltage test points on the board for me to check?

actually what’s the main issue for ur board ? can’t switch on ?

The main issue is the board doesn’t switch on and when plugged in it sits drawing 0.41 amps.

Forgot to say there is no shorts on any of the caps, the right voltages and grounds are on the M92 chip.

did you check on ur m92 ic or max77621 ic?

sometimes the reading looks ok but actually the ic is not function

I’ve checked the M92 ic and all relevant voltages and grounds are corrrect.
I haven’t checked the MAX77621’s, do you have values for those? I see there is two of them on the board?

don’t trust and believe the value of caps beside the m92 , i fix a lot of not turn on switch just by simply replace the m92 ic , and the value of cap all is look normal and nothing wrong with it .

the max77620 ic u should the the value of the cap beside it ( max77620 is the ic behind the cpu upper part) , not the max77621 ic .

u should find a donor board or working device to compare , since i don’t know how to upload the photo too :rofl:

but at the pin thread have some expert did post the working value before , try to look back on it