Nintendo switch wont start, Will a battery reinsertion help?

Started up my switch for the first time yesterday. Got an error message and pressed volup/down + power to perform a factory reset from the menu. I believe the console shut down in the progress due to low battery. I can now only get a blink of the nintendo logo then it turns completly dark (as in off). I have to hard reset to get the Nintendo logo back on powering on and cant get into the factory reset part. Its been charging over night and sometimes on connecting the charger I get a logo for full battery top left corner for a few seconds.

Could removing and reinserting the battery help (comparing reseting a mb in a pc)?
Other suggestions?

iirc on boot the switch checks if the battary is full and goes off if it fails to or if its empty
it also checks that the battery charge chip works

unplugging the battary could help and while you are at it you can also check the voltage of it

could be the fuel gauge chip that has some damage