Nintendo virtual boy consolized suspected voltage regulator malfunction

I believe my virtualboys’ voltage regulator has bit the dust. I’m looking for somebody who might be able to help me replace the regulator or fix the one I have. Maybe the magical individual that is Tronicsfix can save it or maybe one of you other Tech wizard individuals.

This is a DIY forum where people share their knowlegde.
If you are looking for a repair service, this isn’t the right place.

As it says on the website [Contact TronicsFix — TronicsFix LLC], TronicsFix isn’t offering repair service anymore and recommend for repairs.

feel free to post pics and we can maybe help you out in diagnosing the problem and how to do the repair :slight_smile:

If it is just a voltage regulator that’s at fault then is should be an easy fix, and perhaps given it’s age it’s possible it’s through hole which will make it even easier for you