No Display, Backlight, or sound after Tegra SOC reflow

Posting here because I can’t think of anything else. I reflowed the SOC because of the BSOD issue, system worked fine when the cpu was pressed down to make a connection, so I did a reflow. When I put system back together to test it, the display no longer works, there is no backlight and there is no sound coming from the system. The system definitely turns on because the cpu gets hot so it’s definitely getting some sort of connection now. Any help?

Pic of the motherboard. Any obvious issues I’m missing here?

CPU getting hot doesn’t necessarily mean you’re booting. I’d hazard a guess here and say you probably damaged your APU during the reflow.

What now? Buy a new motherboard? Or send in to Nintendo with a sob story to get a discount?

APU is a pretty sensitive component to heat and has a pretty high failure rate during re-work from all that I’ve seen. While it is possible to rescue some with reflows or reballs, its almost a tossup on if your work will kill it or not.

Probably the CPU/GPU buck just below - can see solder, pubes, damage in the area… I’d send this off to a pro or yeah like you say just replace MB. Nintendo won’t touch this with a ten foot barge pole

You may have bridged the APU. I had this happen to me once before, and a reball fixed this issue and booted up good as new. But do at your own risk.
Made it this far, what’s there to lose?