No Dock Mode - No Quick Charge after BSOD repair

I received a Nintendo Switch with a BSOD. I have done a SoC reflowing which seems to fix the issue and Switch is booting up again.
With the final tests I have seen that the dock mode is not working and there is no picture on the TV.
I haven’t found anything obvious to I changed the PI3USB with no effect.

After testing everything again a realized that the switch does not do any quick charge - so even when the switch is booted the switch is charging but only with 0.31A (both sides) - this is probably the problem with the dock.

As quick charging does not work on both sided I assume this is not a problem with the port (but not sure).

Any ideas / experiences what could cause a working switch from quick charge ?

Try to change M92T36 and inspect the USB-C port

Thanks for the advice - with the fast charging problem I gamed myself - I have used a new power socket with an integrated USB and this USB seems not to have enough power for fast charging …

So fast charging is not the problem, but dock mode still not working…

Precisely HDMI signal is detected but screen stays black

are you using the same power socket for the dock ? I am asking because i don’t think it works with power adapter that doesn’t provide 15V AFAIK