No power on switch but charging process seems approximatively good

Hello everybody,
I have a strange problem with with switch. It didnt want to start. It seems to charges well (no problem with 15V and 5V chargers with the amperage) but i dont have the picture with the battery which says that it is charging and when i push the power button no reaction.
I test continuity on the MB but i didnt find any shorts on P13USB,M92T36,BQ 24193 and max chips and no IC seems to be really hot when i touch these.
I would be tempted to change the m92t36 because i dont have the charging picture when i plug the charger but i am absolutely not sure of me.
Could it be a good idea to start by changing it or anybody has an other idea from where to search please??
Thanks a lot.

Any idea please?

too many potential problems to list. Go to and read up on the first stage boot rails and get to testing.

Ok thanks for your answer. i will read it!