Oculus quest 2 repair suggestions!

uhmmm im at a predicament here! not sure what road to take! i havnt seen many videos or have found much research about it!! ive got an oculus quest 2 and i was naive enough to think i wouldnt smudge up the lens! i should have got a protector for them but a lil late… to get them repaired id have to pay more then what i paid for the device to get a refurbished one from oculus or to get it repaired from oculus! so ive seen some parts on ebay and im a lil worried about compatibility issues, not sure if the teardown would be easy doesnt seem hard nor does the installation but i just didnt know if i could get some answers from anyone here!! but id like to see tronics do a video about it or something along the matter!! thanks and hope everyone is well!