Optical drive with no power..SAD-002

I have an optical drive with no power, i already checked fuses and are ok, mechanism seems to be ok, after this im running out of ideas and knowledge… any ideas???

SOS… Help!!!..

Still struggling on this…

I wish I could help you out…I don’t think I’ve seen this problem before that wasn’t caused by the fuses.

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the issue that i have seen is that it is liked to F6202 and there are two other fuses near this one check them to. I also know that that fuse is 0402 1amp but not sure on the voltage. If any one knows the voltage rating of this fuse please let me know.

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i have checked F6202, F6201 and other 2 fuses and they are ok… and the drive is ok because i did test it on other console, thats why i’m kinda lost, i have bought another console to compare measures on some other components, it’s one the way, i’ll let you know if i found the problem…

Do you have any voltage present on the PCB at all around the disk circuit as it may be a fault from the main source.

Yes, i dont know what the problem was, i did bridge these fuses and it worked…