Partial power, weird shortages?

Having trouble diagnosing partial power issue. Turns on, white light, and then immediately turns off. Power supply is good.

In checking for shortages I stumbled across something a little weird that doesn’t quite make sense. Most of a section near the APU is showing continuity across all the capacitors.

Any ideas? Hoping it’s not an APU issue.

Picture: ht tps: //drive. google.c om/open?id=1VIMIKYrLdakWZY5z0CH K0Uz9Mpzregm5

Shorted caps under APU is fine.
imidiate power off can be caused not only by straight power issues.For ex. if disk drive is not attached, or if apu isnt getting any heatsink attached to it, console will do this fast power offs.

There are lots of test point on the borad 3p3 ,1p8 , 5p0 etc. If you connect your power supply you should get mentioned voltages on this test points. This should get you started. sty for poor grammar

Original, s, x model? caps on top by APU or bottom under apu?

Thanks for the responses, but this Model X has already found a new home.