PC doesn't recognise Nintendo Switch

Hi guys,

I need a little help, i’ve replaced charge port and P13, the switch charge perfectly, boot fine and work’s with no problems, but when i connect the switch to a PC doesn’t recognise it, i probed diferents wires but don’t know what the problem is. Any sugestion?


are you trying to use rcm? install tegrarcmgui and in the setting of the application, install the driver. you need a jig to enter rcm though.

Hi, first of all thanks 4 your answer, the intention is boot rcm, my laptop is configured to boot and recognise switch, it’s necesary to boot in rcm to recognise the switch? I conect another switch on not in rcm and PC at least make a sound of plugged periferic, but not with this one.

You can try to compare the resistance of the data line with a good board. To get into RCM , you would need a jig and tegrarcmgui