Power Supply doesn’t work and HDD pins bent

I opened up my console and started cleaning it but when I went to plug in the power supply it does nothing. I wiggled it around and the fan will sometimes move. Should I try to buy another power supply or call it quits?
Another problem I had is the pins for the connection to the hard drive have been bent and don’t want to work anymore since it is connected to the motherboard does that mean the whole console is ruined? Thanks y’all

It would be helpful to see some pictures.

Did this console work before being taken apart? Are you wiggling the wire between the power supply and motherboard? Or the one between the power supply and the wall? If it’s the former, check that the plug on the motherboard hasn’t been damaged. If that’s still good then I would try a new power supply.

As for the hard drive pins, I assume you mean the power pins (2 rows of pins with a rectangular plug). If the pins are all there, you may be able to bend them back into place with some tweezers or needle nose pliers. Otherwise you may have replace the plug.