Problem after M92T36 and USB port change

Hello everybody,
I try to fix another Nintendo switch which i shopped there is a while.
Its problem was that it take charge just at one side.
I changed the M92T36 and the USB port and i still have the same problem (just charge on one side of the USB charger).
When i try to find shorts i found one on the component in red circle.
I dont really know how to solve my problem.
Have you ideas about my problem please?

After removing the capacitor the short is still here.
I dont know which could be the solution.
Any idea please?

I had the same problem, in my case the Nintendo started to get charge both sides after change port and mt92 but no recognise by pc or dock and same shorted cap, in fact all that rail 1v8pdr is shorted, so I’m afraid that the SoC is fried, in my case the Nintendo still boot and works fine, I also tried to remove the max pmic and 1v8pdr is still shorted, so I’m just gonna try to swap the SoC.

I think that you are having the same problem since damage port can inject different voltage in the wrong rail and kill the SoC easily

Thanks for your answer. I will take a look aroud the max and in last resort i will remove the USB port, M92 and eventually max component and take a look on eventually shorts.
If it is always here i will not be able to fix it.
Have a nice day!