PS3 Disk read issue

I have a ps3 fat model that when you put in a game it shows the icon spinning then it stops but still doesn’t show the disk. If I put in a ps2 disk, it tells me it can’t work with ps2 disks so it obviously sees the disks, just not sure what to do here. Any help will be much appreciated.
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You could try rebuilding a new PS3 disk. I’ve had success with that in the past.

Does take a while though…

I have tried to get into the menus to do that but I only get to the screen where it says to plug in usb controller but it doesn’t seem to power on the controller when I plug them in??? So I cannot get to the menu list.

Are you using an OEM PS3 controller, or one from another manufacturer? I believe I had that same issue using a non-Sony controller, and when I used an OEM PS3 controller I was able to get into the menus.

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Thank you for the info, I’ll see if GameStop has any oem controllers.