Ps4 1200 series overheating

Hello , I ve recently bought a used ps4 fat 1200
It had alot of dust build up wen I first opened it for servicing since its fan made alot of noise playing any game neways I cleaned it up throughly assuming it wud keep the noise down but it never did
Recently I tried to play God of war right after it’s 1st logo page it turns it self down and beeps thrice assuming it’s the heatup issue and it needs thermal paste replacement I did that too
But the problem is still there it still shuts off while beeping thrice
I spoke to repair shop yesterday and he told me that the Apu need s to be recalled again and wat I ve learned from the content online the Apu only needs to be recalled again wen it’s shows blod
Any help in this regard will b highly appreciated

I have a 1001A doing the same thing with God of war right now. Cleaned and it seemed ok but when I replaced the fan it stopped over heating but i wouldn’t say it’s quiet. It sounds loud but it doesn’t have that “it’s going to fly away” loudness. It’s been able to run the last of us 2 for an hour without shutting off but still loud

So what do u suggest me to do? Shud I change its fan or ask the repair lab to reball it’s Apu?

Well the fan is significantly cheaper than reballing so that’s always a good place to start