PS4 1215A Disc Drive Problem

I have replaced my laser in my disc drive, but it still doesn’t wanna read my disc and i don’t know why help me?

I’m assuming you’re using clean discs? How many discs have you tried?

Hey there,
if you have access to a known working disc drive (maybe borrow that of a friend’s PS4?) maybe try putting that one in and see if that solves the problem. Otherwise the problem might be elsewhere.

I have problem with my ps4 when i put dsic in it it take out the disk it takes and the disk gets out i think this is moter problem can you help me

Hey there,
@Abdulwahid: without wanting to be rude, if you have an unrelated problem it generally is best if you started a new topic. Please explain your problem again. If you put a disc into your PS4, it just puts it out again? Did I get that right?

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Yes, as @kage-chan said, you’ll get a lot better response if you start a new topic.