PS4 capacitor values

Got a PS4 CUH-1006A.

When I turn on the console, it will beep once, blue light for a second, then turns off immediately. Then I cannot turn on console again until PSU is plugged out and then plug back in.

Swapped a PSU from a working unit but still same thing happened. Used a multimeter to check for shorts and found the 12V prongs on the motherboard shows a short. Checked other components and found most capacitors shows a short as well, as do the inductors.

I read somewhere that most shorts are due to a dead capacitor. So I would like to know what is the value of this particular capacitor.

Can’t seem to upload picture.

It’s the bigger brown capacitor, mostly in pairs or threes near the inductors. There is also a pair near the 12V prongs.

Would appreciate if anyone has any knowledge about the capacitor values, or even better help advise me on what I should do to rectify this problem.