PS4 CUH-1116A BLOD Capacitors

I have a question. I have a BLOD PS4 and I was curious about the caps around the APU. Are some of the caps under the APU shorted to ground on a working unit? When I measure the caps under my APU, some of them are shorted to ground, some are not. So can I conclude, that when I find 1 cap that is shorted to ground the APU is bad and probably needs a reball?

I would like to know that too! Got a BLOD PS4 fat that has multipe caps under the APU that are shorted

I don’t think they are actually shorted I think they just have very low resistance to ground. IE they’re supposed to be that way. Maybe they are acting as inductors or something. That bugged me at first as well but I managed to check them on working consoles and got mostly the same readings. You may want to start checking your ram chips. Check under and around them for discoloration and that sort of thing. In my findings the only time that an apu is responsible for a BLOD is caused by drop damage or an overheating issue caused by excessive dust. Again remember these are just my findings this is not gospel. I hope this helps