Ps4 cuh-1216b operating system problem

I have a PS4 that turns on, checks the hard drive and then it says that I should install the newest OS for the console from USB device. I did update the console to the newest OS (7.02) when it was working. The hard drive check stops at 27% and then it goes to the screen where it asks for the installation of the new operating system. Then when I put the USB, where the new OS is, to the port and it says that the file cannot be used. The USB device is FAT32 and the .pup-file is installed correctly. Do you think that the hard drive is broken? Could the motherboard be broken?

The motherboard does not sound like it is the problem. Seems like you may have a corrupted hard drive on your hands. Do you have any other good tested hard drives to try with the console? That would tell you if it was just that hard drive.

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Yeah. That’s what I thought. I do have some extra hard drives. I will install the hard drive to the console and maybe a new OS. If this doesn’t work, I will take a look at the motherboard.