PS4 F6202 Fuse repair

I have discovered that the F6202 fuse on my PS4 has blown - it being 0.001cm x 0.002cm I dont feel my skills are good enough to take it off and put a new one on. How reckless would it be to just solder over the fuse, meaning I wouldn’t have the safety net but my PS4 would work again?
Cheers Ed

Just my opinion but I wouldn’t do what your suggestion. If your nervous about blowing components off, I just put kapton tape around the part I want to remove and set my temp and air on hot air station to max just to remove the component as quickly as possible. And to put it back on lower my temperature to around 400-450 and also lower air speed(depending on hot air station your using ,mines a cheap yihua 862d). Hope that helps.