Ps4 fell about a 1 meter but works perfectly except from one small thing

Thing is, today I moved my screen and forgot it was connected to my console, which fell to the ground from an altitude of about 1 meter or almost. It turned on fine but when I tried it the controller wasn’t, there was some troble with connection and worked fine for seconds and then it would disconnect and it also depended on the distance between my controller and the console, the closer the better but there where still some issues. So I plugged it to the console and it worked fine with wired connection, so i can only assume that some kind of internal receptor of wireless controller signals was damaged. It’s the only issue it presents so I guess that’s it.

Thank you

Could your ps4 connected to any wi-fi?, if it could then try to check the antenna for the bluetooth part, maybe it got bent or something. But if even the wi-fi didn’t connected then you’ve got a problem with your wireless card. Just in case your problem is on the letter there’s actually 2 parts that potentially got faulty, either the wireless card itself or the regulator for the wireless card. it’s a little bit tricky to check the regulator (just give it to the experience technician), well most case they will replace the wireless card and the regulator just for safe attempt. This is just purely on the hardware analysis.

@xfreaks It was connected to the internet via LAN cable, but I just unplugged the cable and tried to connect it via wifi and worked perfectly. So I’m guessing I just have to check the antenna? How much does a repair like this usually cost?

Thank you

I had the same issue. Replacing the antenna fixed the issue. I paid less than $10 (im living outside the U.S).

@Ernolasinsky Did you fix it yourself? I don’t know if I should do it myself or let a technician do the work for me. I’m don’t have much experience but I ain’t useless either hahaha. Thing is, in the country I live all of these guys try to scam you and charge you stupid amounts of money…

Yes, actually it was my first repair and it went pretty good. Now I think that with good equipment and little of knowledge its very easy.

Thank you, very much.

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Just look for it on the youtube, honestly it’s easy to replace the antenna. If you don’t trust the technician then just buy online the antenna for your PS4

Here’s the step :

  1. First you gotta know what type your PS4 is, is it fat, slim, or pro? (if you don’t know your PS4 type just hit youtube and look for all PS4 type).

  2. Second, go to youtube and search how to replace the wireless/bluetooth antenna. In here you will know how to strip up your PS4 too, make sure you have all the tools to do it first before buying the antenna (depending on your PS4 type it will be different video so you have to know your PS4 type first).

  3. Then look for the antenna on online shop with the same type on your PS4.

  4. Do it yourself (honestly it’s easy, atleast you won’t messed up too much, i mean it’s like changing cleaning fluid on car).

  5. I hope you succeed.

@xfreaks I tried but sadly I screwed up when removing the power supply section, I tried to unplug a cable like the youtube video said but ended up screweng it up. Thank you anyways-

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Yeah i know, the power supply part is a tricky one. I give you my sympathy, but hey atleast you tried, that itself is an achievement for you. Everyone will make a mistake it’s just up to us, either we give up or learn and stand up again.

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