PS4 Flashing Blue and Not Booting Up Completely

I thought I fixed it but it has gotten worse it’s now booting up halfway I initiallized my ps4 to see if that would work but now it boots up where it will show the Playstation symbol but nothing after any idea what the problem would be and how do you fix it?

So it’s stuck on the Playstation logo?

No after that nothing happens Just infinite blue light

Infinite blue meaning the blue light just flashes or does the console turn off?

It doesn’t turn off just flashes blue light with nothing on the screen

OK…one of the things that can cause that is a problem with the APU. It’s possible that there’s a hard drive problem but just no way for me to know. You could always try putting a different hard drive in to see if that fixes it. If not you can try the washer method on the APU clamp if it’s a PS4 original. Here’s more about that:

Now it’s going through the setup and it’ll get to the user agreement part and not show that at all

OK, I’d probably try a new hard drive first.

Yeah I agree definitely try new hard drive it sounds like it’s failed

Best way to check if it’s hard drive or APU before forking out for a new hard drive, is to disconnect the current drive and boot the console up. It should go straight into safe mode & display video.

If no video -> APU,
if video -> HDD.