PS4 getting very loud

Hi, I’m looking for some advice. I recently decided to strip my ps4 down and give it a proper clean and change the thermal paste, while cleaning the ram chips I noticed that I lost one of the grey heat pads and was able to get a replacement, it was a black pad and seemed to be made out of a different material. I don’t know if this is causing an issue or not. The console ramps up in certain games and is causing some concern. Any advice or ideas would be much appreciated.

Did the PS4 ramp up the same amount before you took it apart? The thermal pad doesn’t make much of a difference as long as it’s the same size.

Yes but not anywhere near as bad

Do you know where I could possibly get a thermal pad to see if that’s causing a problem?

most likely id say that the heatsink isnt making proper contact?
check to make sure its screwed in all the way!