PS4 keeps crashing with error code CE-34878-0 only when playing Madden NFL 20

My son’s PS4 keeps getting error code CE-34878-0 when loading Madden NFL 20. He has no issues running any other games. (even another new game he loaded for the first time after running Madden 20) Everything is up to date. (PS4 and Madden) We’ve deleted the game and reloaded, backed up the original drive/data and initialized the system. Ran option 7 initialize from Safe Mode. Have installed a new hard disk and initialized but still getting the CE-34878-0 error.

I contacted PS support who suggested the safe mode initialize but they said if that doesn’t work that we would need to return the PS4 to Sony for repairs. What are they going to repair/replace? I personally would prefer to repair the system myself if it’s something basic. Have any of you experienced something like this? Any other suggestions on what to try?

BTW…the Madden game works flawlessly on my other son’s PS4 so it’s not the game/disk.

Other notes… We didn’t restore any of the backed up data when testing Madden 20 after the several initialize processes we performed. (no corrupt save files restored) I also logged in with a different Sony account (mine…which I never used on his or any PS4) and it still errors out within a few minutes of starting the game.

What do i do if my ps4 keeps crashing on every game i try to play?