PS4 Original - Help me Brothers

Hello, my brothers from another mother :slight_smile: . I don’t have problems with PS4. I just wanna to ask for help to make a prank on my roommate : smile: and wanna do something to his PS4 Original (that we bought together) so he will be not able to play at all or be able to start it. I’m open to any idea you have. I just want to be safe because after I make this joke I will want to fix it and be able to play again. Thank you all! :blush:

Ok strange request, easiest thing I could think of would be just take the fuse out the plug. Or otherwise your gonna need to disconnect the power supply. For that you will need security torx screwdriver.

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I made this joke at Christmas and by the way he doesn’t know it was me yet: D I will be very thankful to know other pranks that i can do.

just hide it, and leave door open like if someone breake in and stole it…

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Pull the plug out from the back of the PS4. You can usually pull it out enough so it looks like it’s still plugged in but it’s not all the way plugged in so it won’t start up.

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We have 2 days more before he came back :smile: