PS4 Pro does not read disc (used to read disc prior to opening)


My PS4 pro disc drive seemed to have issues with it not pulling the discs in completely. I used to reboot the system and it seemed to pull the disc in and read it without issues. As I had to sell the system, I thought I should fix it before selling it.

I opened the system and readjusted the rollers and cleaned them. Cleaned the lens with alcohol and tissues. This time I put the system back together. This time it would pull and eject the discs without issues and the disc spins a little in the system but it does NOT recognize it.

I have followed this tronics video and it seems like my system had the second issue in the video (PS4 Slim not taking discs consistently). But after seeming to fix it, it looks like the issue now looks like the PS4 pro issue (faulty laser).

TronicsFix - How to Fix Your PS4 Disc Drive Problems

I am just concerned that how can the laser become suddenly faulty? Am I missing something? Can somebody please help me?

Try cleaning the laser again, if that doesn’t fix it its possible the laser was damaged the last time it was cleaned. Also, make sure to wait for the alcohol to dry on its own.

Of you messed around with the withe adhesive of the laser ribbon cable you have a problem…it has to be exactly like it was before. Of this is fine, try turning the console upside down