PS4 psu turns off when connected to the board, work with no load

Hey guys!
I have encountered an issue I have never seen on a ps4 before and found no fixes on any of the forums. Yesterday I have fixed a completely dead PS4 original(no dust, roaches, a very clean one) as it had a bad capacitor(next to SBV t1441 cdn8 whatever that is). The capacitor was visibly cracked under the microscope, and was shorting to ground. I took the capacitor from a donor board. It worked fine and was tested, no overheating the fan spinning, everything was good. And now is when the problems started. Next morning, when I tried turning it on for one last time it beeped and turned off. Completely dead again, I have found that the power supply shuts off, It does work when disconnected and when the correct pins are shorted the 12v is also delivered. Unfortunately whenever it is connected to the board it completely shuts of no voltage on 5v nor the 12v. There is no obvious shorts on the board .

I would assume that the power supply shuts of due to overcurrent but I can’t seem to find anything that would cause that. I doubt it is a faulty power supply as it worked just yesterday and when not under load it work. What could be responsible for this ?

Thanks a lot in advance!