PS4 Randomly Stops Video Output, Disconnects Controllers but White Light stays On

I’ve been having this weird issue these past few days with my PS4. Randomly, the video output will shut off (HDMI shows no device connected), and my controller will disconnect. I can’t reconnect the controller, even if I plug it in, the white light on the controller just flashes. The white light on the PS4 is still on, and I can still hear the fan running. The power button on the console does nothing, it doesn’t even beep, no matter how long I hold it. To turn off my console I have to unplug it. The problem started happening when I was in the middle of a game but now will happen even at the PlayStation menu. So far I’ve tried fixing the problem by reinstalling the system software after booting in safety mode to no avail.

Any thoughts?

mine is doing the same thing, i checked voltage on the board, and its not a psu issue thats for sure.
i can boot the ps4 up for like 10mins til it just goes “no signal on hdmi” and becomes unresponsive, but white light is on, doesn’t matter if i play a game or idle on the home screen it happens every time. the funny thing is tho if i re-plug mains voltage i get another 10mins, so i suppose its not an overheating issue either

reflowed the apu, the unit is back